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(Certified Nursing Assistant) CNA Job Duties and Responsibilities

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For those who are aspired of the nursing career, there are different options available for them in this fast growing career. Plenty of jobs are available across the country for nursing assistants in areas like hospitals or any other medical facilities. In order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, one must follow the Job Descriptions that covers their duties and responsibilities.

  • CNAs are responsible to take care of patients and maintain the record of patient’s symptoms, assist the patients with rehabilitation and administer the medications.
  • CNAs are required to provide emotional support to the family and friends of the patients and educate them about the health condition of a patient.
  • Providing emotional support to the patient is on the top priority for CNAs.
  • CNAs perform various duties and operations like perform diagnosing testing and analyses and medical devices.
  • CNAs work equally with the ailing and old.
  • CNAs are required to perform work from 40 to 60 hours weekly and in case of emergency they even have to take night shifts.
  • CNAs must have enough knowledge of the medical field that they can assist the family members of patient about the illness or injuries and they are responsible for good planning, evaluation in order to promote good health of patient.

The applicants who are interested in becoming nursing assistant must first take CNA training program. Once the course is completed, students can to take up the competency test for CNA state. Nursing assistants can apply for the jobs in hospitals, hospice, private homes and health care facilities after gaining the CNA certification.

The CNA is required to be sympathetic, caring and detail oriented. They are required to understand the patients’ conditions and can provide consultation, emotional and mental support. The average salary of a Certified Nursing Assistant is around $ 30,000 along with other benefits like sick leaves, paid holidays, extra pay for late-shift work, medical benefits and pension plans.

The CNA must meet to the expectations of the doctor and their work output should be beneficial for the facilities as well as patients. CNA must be proactive in assisting the ones in need and be caring towards them as well as corresponding with staff nurse and doctor. When needed, CNAs must show their team leader quality as they are required to work in teams. Due to the amount of time CNAs spend with patients, they may come across unfavorable conditions or activities, so CNAs must know how to handle them.

The CNA must be understanding, patient, compassionate and honest. They must posses the ability to work as alone or in teams. CNAs must be vigilant and active during their duties. The physical fitness is very necessary for CNAs to be able enough to lift the patient when required. They need to give a lot of attention to the details.

There is a bright future and opportunities for aspiring CNAs, as the nursing sector is booming and they can benefit from the lucrative salaries and stable jobs.

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